Rank in relevant search results

We’ll optimize and create content and page structure to help you be the first to appear in a consumer’s purchasing journey.
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Our SEO process

A comprehensive SEO strategy means discoverability and authority for your brand.
SEO Audit

We’ll take a look into your current site, domain authority, and relevant SEO strategy to determine what’s working—and what’s not.

On-page and off-page SEO

We’ll help you build authority through meticulously researched keywords, tag optimization, and meta descriptions.

Targeted content strategy

We’ll further your reach through audience-specific content to organically draw consumers to your site.

Our Services

How we use SEO to help grow your business

Accessible Formatting
We create website designs that are easy to scan and navigate, by humans and computers.
We’ll create and audit new and existing content to build backlink strength and improve domain authority.
Keyword Targeting
Utilize revenue-generating terms to strengthen content and build organic placement.
Meta Descriptions
We’ll take care of the back-end search terms, meta tags, and the rest of the stuff you don’t want to worry about.
Strong Content Strategy
Our content team produces high quality SEO content to target consumers at every stage of the purchase journey.
On- and Off-Page Approach
We research, analyze, and optimize your SEO both on and off your site to build visibility through proven techniques.

Why invest in SEO?

Paid advertising can only go as far as your budget. SEO content can help your site appear organically in a non-invasive way for consumers.
  • Appear in relevant search results
  • Target consumers through search engine traffic
  • Rank higher than top competitors
Our customers

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Take it from the sellers who know best: We can help you grow your e-commerce business.
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Barista Underground
Very easy to work with! We are always able to get in contact with a member of their team and they always provide a great service! They recently redesigned our website and set up our Google Shopping Ads. Highly recommend!
The Oh Ball
We no longer waste energy on Sponsored Products. We’ve grown both margin and sales. It’s great to have a trusted partner like Seller’s Choice that’s delivering results week after week!
Life Made Better
We went from $1.3 Million to $2.3 Million with the help of Seller’s choice and their amazon marketing services. Great organization and very easy to work with.
This team is talented and smart and knows what they are doing. They have impressed us multiple times in their approach to solving our problems. We definitely recommend them and advise others to talk to them to see how they can help your company.

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Our team of e-commerce experts are on hand to discuss your goals for growth, and how we can best help you achieve them.
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