March 19, 2020

Using 'Today’s Deals' To Sell On Amazon

The “Today’s Deals” page is the most visited page on Amazon. It attracts millions of viewers and consumers every day, and the products on the first few pages tend to sell out within hours, if not minutes.

Sellers, listen up.

How can you can you use this “Today’s Deals” page to your advantage? What techniques can you incorporate into your business strategy to get your products approved for submission into the elitist of the elite Amazon promotional pages?

What Are "Today's Deals?"

When a customer goes to the Amazon site to browse or purchase a product, they will see a row of tabs at the top that includes: Your, Today’s Deals, Gift Cards & Registry, Sell, Help, and other account-specific buttons. These tabs help the user to easily navigate Amazon’s site.

The “Today’s Deals” is Amazon’s way to promote certain lightning deals, daily deals, and limited-time sales. This is great for the customer, who gets a discount, for Amazon, who makes more sales, and for the seller, who gets their product in front of the eyes of millions of customers who click on the Today’s Deals tab.

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