March 10, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Listing Optimization

Do you feel that your Amazon business isn’t getting the traction it deserves? It’s likely because you need to optimize your listings on Amazon in a different way. What does “Amazon optimization” mean, though, and how can you enhance your e-commerce listing to boost profitability?

If you run an online company, you’ve likely heard of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)—the strategy that pushes your business towards the top of Google’s search results. Did you know that you can use this same idea to optimize Amazon listings?

We like to call this Amazon SEO strategy “SAO”—Search Amazon Optimization. Amazon has three times more search volume for products than Google. This means that even if you are at the very top of Google’s search system, you could be missing out on significant business and profit if not appropriately optimized on the Amazon platform.

The more sales your company has, the higher placement you get on Amazon’s product pages—but in order to get sales, you need a high placement to attract customers. We want to help your business break this harsh cycle and rank at the top of Amazon search pages.

That’s why we’ve created the Ultimate Guide To Amazon Listing Optimization, with eight essential tips to get your products seen and purchased.

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