February 18, 2020

The Secrets of Amazon Custom Super URLs

We’ve discussed how to optimize your pages for Amazon searches, how to competitively win the Buy Box, and how to utilize Amazon Sponsored Ads to your advantage. These all work together toward the end goal of gaining visibility and increasing sales. Greater visibility means more sales; more sales mean higher conversion rates, and higher conversion rates mean greater visibility. It’s an endless, positive cycle.

Now we’re here to tell you about another tool that can help your listings wiggle to the top of Amazon’s search pages and enter into this positive “Amazon Success Circle.” This strategy is Amazon’s Custom Super URL, and it’s a hack that some sellers use to manipulate the Amazon algorithm in their favor.

What Is a Custom Super URL?

To understand how a “Super URL” works, you have to first understand how Amazon’s system operates.

When someone searches in Amazon’s search bar, a page of results comes up. This page of search results has a specific URL, and that URL will include the keywords that were searched for. For example, if you search “vacuum cleaners” in Amazon, you will be brought to a page with the following URL:

Notice the last portion of the URL: keywords=vacuum+cleaners. The two search terms “vacuum” and “cleaners” appear in the URL itself after the code keywords=. This code helps Amazon’s site recognize that this is a search results page in accordance with those specific keywords.

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