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January 14, 2020

The Introductory Guide to Online Marketplace & E-Commerce Platform Selling - Part 1

If you’re building a home goods or lifestyle e-business, the multitude of online platforms can be overwhelming. How do you know which platform will best reach your target audience and have the highest success rate?

Why Should You Focus On One Online Marketplace?

The initial reaction to the overwhelming option of e-markets is to throw your products up on all of them and see what works. It’s the idea that if you put your eggs in a bunch of baskets, one of them is bound to hatch.

But, none of them will hatch if you’re too busy to take care of all of them. Focusing on one basket will let you care for those eggs and nurture them into maturity.

The same is true for selling your products online. Trying them all out likely won’t prove as fruitful as if you were to narrow in on one or two marketplaces to grow your brand. This will give you the time to properly and thoroughly learn the platform, connect with your audience, and continue to expand.

So–where should you begin?

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