September 1, 2020

The Impact Amazon Has On Your E-Commerce Brand for Growth Online

Navigating the world of e-commerce can feel overwhelming, especially when your brand is just getting established. There is one thing every business owner is focused on and that’s growth. Knowing where to invest your time, energy, and resources can make all the difference in growing your e-commerce brand. Do you list your products on Amazon or commit to your own website? Is it worth your time to do both? The proof is in the impact Amazon can have on building your e-commerce brand.

Making the Decision to List on Amazon

The factors to consider when building an e-commerce brand are endless. When it comes to Amazon, it can feel like a long shot to get noticed on such a huge platform. Yet so many successful brands got their start on Amazon while others really took off after launching their own website. So, is it worth it to build your e-commerce brand on Amazon? Absolutely.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

When it comes to reach and marketing, it’s hard to top the number of potential consumers Amazon will bring to your products. Even capturing a minute fraction of potential sales on Amazon can make money flood into your business. What do those numbers look like?

Amazon Helps Your E-Commerce Brand Compete

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Online shoppers expect quick fulfillment, free shipping, and easy returns thanks to the Amazon Effect. Offering the same level of fulfillment independently from Amazon can stress your newly built business if you don’t have it fully figured out. It’s important to take advantage of Amazon’s infrastructure and consider Amazon’s FBA option. This allows you to focus your energy elsewhere and helps you rank within Amazon’s algorithm.

The nature of Amazon’s merit-based rating system also allows your brand to stand out based on quality and differentiation. Going head-to-head with similar products may be intimidating, but when you build a reputation through reviews, you can easily blow the competition out of the water. In fact, once your products are recognized for their superior quality or filling a niche that others have been missing, buyers will begin to spend more time exploring your other offerings.

There’s one thing that’s certain: when you strategically approach extending your e-commerce brand to Amazon, you can ride the wave of one of the world’s most successful selling platforms. Understanding how Amazon impacts your e-commerce brand can help your business grow and help you cash in. So, what do you need to know?

How Can Amazon Help Your E-Commerce Brand to Grow?

There are some ways to optimize the impact Amazon has on your brand. These tactics can help your brand stand out in the sea of products and build a reputation that extends beyond Amazon. To lasso the sales you want to achieve and become a recognized e-commerce brand, you have to approach using Amazon strategically.

How Can You Successfully Build Your E-Commerce Brand on Amazon?

You’re taking the time to build an Amazon business—be sure you use your time wisely. To increase your likelihood of selling successfully on Amazon:

1. Sign Up for Amazon FBA

While you could spread yourself and your staff thin by offering free two-day shipping, 24/7 instantaneous customer service and support, and quick processing of return, you can provide an equal level of customer satisfaction through the Amazon FBA program. Not only will they help you target Amazon Prime members, but they will also fulfill your products for you. 

Amazon FBA can help increase your sales and scale quickly as you do so. With their resources and logistics infrastructure, your business won’t miss a beat and your e-commerce brand will retain its reputation.

2. Optimize Your Brand’s Listing for the Amazon App

Why do people love shopping on Amazon? Because it’s easy. Shopping on the Amazon app makes using Amazon for quick shopping needs even easier. Customers love using the Amazon app—it continues to be the most popular app for mobile shopping. 

What does this mean for your e-commerce brand? You want your brand to be known for its straightforward and easy to understand product descriptions. Quality photos of your products also make a huge impact on mobile sales since most shoppers go straight to images before reading about a product. Avoid poor-quality photoshopping, as well. This can be a red flag for buyers.

3. Find Your Niche On the Amazon Marketplace

When it comes to competing with all the other brands on Amazon, you want your products to be easy to find, better quality than the competition, and differentiated. Having accurate and helpful descriptions, including size comparison photos can help. Include what makes your product better or different in your product summary and title. 

4. Use Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program

Shoppers rely on reviews. In fact, they trust reviews more than anything you can write about your products. The Early Review Program doesn’t cost much ($60/ASIN) and can help your product get over the hurdle of gaining enough honest reviews to get noticed. Most shoppers are likely to consider a product and trust a brand with at least four to six reviews. The quicker you can rack these up, the sooner your e-commerce brand can gain momentum.

5. Become Familiar with Amazon Seller Central

When you become an Amazon seller, you must learn to juggle your own website in addition to your Amazon listings. Amazon Seller Central allows you to track your sales, communicate with customers, create and edit your listings, and fill your orders. The more familiar you are with the Seller Central, the easier it will be to keep track of successes and make adjustments as needed. And the Amazon Seller App lets you bring the access and control of your business along with you.

6. Take Advantage of Amazon’s Brand Registry

One of the most important steps in building out your business on Amazon is being approved by the Amazon Brand Registry. This program allows sellers to register their brand which allows them to access features within Seller Central that can help you elevate your brand within the marketplace. This does require a registered USPTO trademark, but the application process is quick and easy with high reward. 

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

When Can Listing on Amazon Negatively Impact on Your E-Commerce Brand?

If you’re serious about quality and customer service, your brand will benefit from becoming an Amazon Seller. Thinking about where you fit into the equation can make all the difference. Build your brand by listing your most popular and highest quality products on Amazon before adding all of your SKUs. 

Build Your Brand Hand-in-Hand with Gaining Amazon Sales

Amazon is a giant — there’s no doubt about that. While this global goliath continues to grow, take the opportunity to stand on the shoulders of the giant and get your e-commerce brand noticed. Remember that you have control of the force of the impact Amazon has on your brand. Stick with it and put your passion into standing out when it comes to your listings and customer care. 

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