January 13, 2020

The Honest Pros and Cons Of The Amazon Brand Registry

What is the Amazon Brand Registry?

The Amazon Brand Registry is, simply put, Amazon’s way of giving “ownership” of a brand to a specific individual or company.

For example, Joe manufactures Wacky Widgets. There are a lot of re-sellers and distributors of his Wacky Widgets on Amazon. When he goes on Amazon and searches for his Wacky Widgets, he finds that one seller has incorrect information and doesn’t match other sellers with regards to descriptions, pricing, and more. Joe wants to have control and consistency of his brand, so the products are viewed the same way by all consumers.

Thus, Joe applies to Amazon’s Brand Registry. Because he is the manufacturer of his own private label, they approve his application. Joe now officially “owns” that brand on Amazon. (Only manufacturers or company-approved sellers can apply for the Amazon Brand Registry.)

This does not mean that the other sellers must stop selling Wacky Widgets on Amazon. It instead means that any information Joe submits to Amazon about his products will automatically update the product listings of all the other sellers as well. The bottom line is sellers still own their storefront, but Joe can control the way the brand appears.

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