March 20, 2020

The Amazon Terminology Cheat Sheet

Owning and running an e-commerce business involves so many moving parts and unfamiliar lingo, it sometimes feels like you’re speaking another language entirely! From the marketing terminology to knowledge about fulfillment practices, there are thousands of words that go into building your own online company.

Enter the Amazon Terminology Cheat Sheet. To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve collected the most commonly used terms and acronyms–in alphabetical order, no less–that you're bound to come across as home goods or lifestyle e-commerce sellers on the Amazon Marketplace.

The Amazon Terminology Cheat Sheet

Affiliate: An affiliate is a separate party who promotes the products or services of another, for a commission. For example, you may partner with a blogger who will post affiliate links to your Amazon products. This will drive traffic to your storefront, and in return, you pay out a commission on each sale that comes through that affiliate link.

Best Sellers Rank (BSR): BSR shows those items that are highly ranked or optimized according to their category, inventory, and reviews. This demonstrates how a seller stands up against the competition.

Buy Box: The Buy Box is the box with the product details, shipping information, and purchasing process found on the right-hand side of a product listing. Because Amazon has multiple sellers offering the same product, the highest, most optimized stores will “win” this Buy Box. Appearing in this Buy Box can drastically boost traffic and sales to your storefront.

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