March 13, 2020

How To Win Amazon’s Buy Box - Top Tips & Secrets

The Buy Box: the lifeblood of your Amazon shop. This paramount “buy box” can make or break your sales and profitability.

So, you’ve optimized your Amazon listings using our top 8 “SAO techniques,” but still your products seem to be dragging behind your competitors. The reason for this? You’re probably losing the Buy Box.

What Is the Buy Box

The Buy Box is the box on the right-hand side of the product page with the “Add to Cart” button circled in red in the image below. This box is where customers add items to their shopping carts based on price, seller, and reviews. This square includes details about the purchase such as shipping items, quantity, and the most important: “Other Sellers on Amazon.”

On Amazon, several sellers are usually offering the same product. This means that when a customer clicks on that product’s page, they have the option of buying it from a variety of sellers at a variety of prices.

In order to get the sale, you have to win the Buy Box.

The Wall Street Journal found that the buy box accounts for 90% of Amazon sales and conversions. With so many sellers on Amazon selling the same or similar products, the only way to stand out is to be prominently displayed in that little box. It may seem small, but it has a huge impact.

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