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February 4, 2020

How to Setup Your Facebook Shop

The Facebook shop section is a tab you can add to your business Page and it lets you display products you're selling. It's ideal for merchants, retail and e-commerce advertisers who want to reach more people on Facebook. It's free to use, and Facebook doesn't take any percentage of what you earn.

You can also consider adding a Store, which can bolster your presence and conversions.

To create a shop on your Facebook Page

1. On your computer, log in to Facebook and go to your page.

2. Click "Settings" located at the top left of the page.

3. Click "Edit Page", then scroll down and click the "Add a Tab" button.

4. Click the "Add Tab" button in line with the "Shop" and click close (Make sure that you don't see the "Shop" section before you click "Close").

5. Go back to your Facebook Page.

6. Select the "Shop" section located on the right side.

7. Agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies and click "Continue"

8. Select your type of Checkout ("Message to Buy" if you want your customer to message you to buy your product/"Check Out on Another Website" if your check out is on a different website).

9. Select your currency and select "Save."

Add products to your Facebook shop:

1. Go to the shop section on your Facebook Page.

2. Click "Add Products" button.

3. Add Photo/Videos, Name, and Price of the Item.

4. Tick the "This product is on sale" if it is on sale and input the discounted price.

5. Add details about your item.

6. Double check your post and click "Save"

Features of Facebook Shop Section

Add products and product information. You don't need to have a product catalogue uploaded anywhere first, and there's no limit on how many products you can add.

Curate and customize your Facebook shop's product inventory. You can divide your products into different collections to make it easier for customers browsing your shop. Learn how to create a collection of your products.

Communicate with customers directly from your Page. Your customers can browse and message your Page to learn more and buy from you.

Get better distribution of your products. When you have a shop section, your products may appear in Marketplace, allowing more people to discover them. Keep in mind this feature is gradually rolling out and it may not be available to you yet.

Get insights about your products. Depending on the type of shop you have, you can see how many views or messages you've gotten for each product. You may also be able to see views, clicks and purchases for each product and money each product has earned you. Learn more about the type of shop you can add to your Page.

The Bottom Line

As you begin to build out your Facebook Shop, it is important to utilize the best marketing strategies to help you propel your business — both on and off the social platform. If you are looking to advance the reach of your brand and venture into other marketplaces, reach out; we are here to help.

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