September 29, 2020

How To Increase E-Commerce Sales

The internet, in more ways than one, has continued to make life more comfortable and convenient for its users. It is no longer necessary to visit a physical store or market, or to perform physical transactions in order to purchase products. With the help of the internet, e-commerce saves millions of consumers across the world time and money each day.

E-commerce continues to evolve, making transactions safe, fast, easy, and convenient for both the buyer and seller. Sales reviews given by large corporations to small scale businesses and independent freelancers show that e-commerce is always a win-win situation—goods and services move on a global scale, and therefore more sales are made.

Merely setting up a store is not enough though; you need to know how the market works in order to make sales. The goal of every modern entrepreneur is to make e-commerce sales and expand the reach of their business; taking advantage of e-commerce’s numerous benefits allows this to happen.

This article focuses on helpful tips for increasing your e-commerce sales.

Ways To Increase E-Commerce Sales

1. Paid Traffic

Despite popular opinion, paid traffic is affordable and it works.

Admittedly, many entrepreneurs have invested considerable funds in paid traffic and, to their dismay, received little or no returns. However, when used effectively, paid traffic can skyrocket your enterprise to the next level.

Be careful to avoid common greenhorn mistakes that entrepreneurs often make, resulting in low returns on paid traffic. When employing paid traffic to help boost e-commerce sales, be sure to consider the following:

  1. Start your first paid traffic experience with small amounts. Doing this protects you from the losses accrued from a failed paid traffic campaign, as there is no guarantee that your paid traffic campaign will succeed. If your first, small paid traffic campaign fails, don’t fret. You can always create another one given that your losses are minimal, and you can learn from the trial campaign and make changes accordingly. Testing is an important aspect of the process.
  1. Endeavour to generate a buyer persona, as this allows you to know your customers better. When your campaigns are shown to the right audiences, you can increase your e-commerce sales. While attempting to create a buyer persona, try to get a list of customers’ emails and send a survey to them. This helps you get a better view of who your customers are. As an incentive, provide a coupon code or other freebies at the end of each survey to encourage participation and honesty.
  1. If your campaign is to be run on Google, Amazon, or Facebook/Instagram, understand that each given platform works differently; hence, you need to know how each platform works.
  1. Set up conversion tracking to assist you in getting data on how your campaign is doing and whether it is delivering the results you hoped for. 

While setting up paid traffic ads or campaigns, it is crucial you use and adjust keywords, phrase match, and interests to make sure you reach your target audience.

2. Remarketing

Photo by Diggity Marketing on Unsplash

Also called retargeting, this is when your campaign ads are shown to customers who have already visited your site, whether they made a purchase or not. Using this method, you get to show your ads again to individuals who have seen your brand before, but, for some reason, didn’t purchase after the initial ad viewing. 

The process for remarketing on each campaign platform is different. Ensure you are familiar with your chosen platform to effectively execute this strategy and improve your e-commerce sales.

3. Gain Trust Within Your Sales Funnel   

Your e-commerce sales funnel refers to the overall process that leads to a potential customer purchasing or making a transaction on your e-commerce site. 

Improving trust within your e-commerce sales funnel is another method to increase sales on your e-commerce site. 

When you increase the level of trust at each stage of the funnel, your conversions increase, and you increase sales. To increase your customers’ trust in your brand, you can do the following:

  1. Include and display all reviews of your products and services, whether they are positive or negative. Most consumers research product reviews as a form of social proof to certify the quality of the products and services before making a purchase.
  1. Have customer service ready to attend to inquiries, suggestions, and complaints about products. Preferably, install a live chat on your e-commerce website, as consumers often prefer to chat live with a customer care representative as opposed to other forms of customer service. When a live chat is available on your site, you can provide impeccable customer service to prospective buyers.
  1. Most customers often abandon their carts before checkout on the grounds of payment insecurity. To curb this, trust badges and testimonials from customers who made successful purchases on your e-commerce website may be used to increase trust levels and ensure the checkout process is completed. When trust badges are placed in conspicuous parts of your website and, most importantly, on the checkout page, doubts and concerns about payment insecurities will be quelled.

4. Simplify Your Checkout Process   

Photo by on Unsplash

The checkout process is an essential part of an e-commerce website sale. When your e-commerce website has a simple checkout process, it can increase sales on your site. 

The hassles of a tedious checkout process are simply unbearable for many prospective customers and will only prompt them to abandon their cart. Shopify has simplified the checkout process into their platform to make checkout easier for the customer. 

Think of ways to simplify the checkout process while keeping the interests of your customers in mind. For example, you may consider removing the need for customers to sign up for an account before they can pay for the goods and services. 

You can also add upsells throughout the checkout process to increase your average order value. Changes as small as this make the checkout process less tedious and reduces friction for prospective customers while being shown additional products they might have missed initially.

5. Showcase The Benefits Of Your Products

Before making a purchase, most consumers think about the benefits of a product and want to make sure that their questions are answered. Because of this, if you are looking to make more e-commerce sales, you need to showcase your products' benefits and think of everything the consumer might be asking before they click the add to cart button on your website. 

The best way to do this is by taking better pictures of your products. Take your product pictures against an appropriate background, and use the best devices or cameras to get a perfect shot. 

If you have been taking the photos yourself in the past and the ordeal seems tricky for you, you should employ a professional photographer to do the task for you to get the best results.   

Videos tend to show better angles and portray products better. If possible, use clear-shot, simple, and short videos to showcase your product. This will improve your product description, look professional and ultimately increase your e-commerce sales. 


Increasing your e-commerce sales is possible if you put in the work and carefully follow the tips outlined herein. The results won’t appear overnight; but, with time, you can increase sales on your e-commerce platform and expand the reach of your business.

Looking for more tips on how to increase e-commerce sales and properly scale your business? The team at Seller’s Choice is here to help. Their expertise in e-commerce solutions such as web/mobile-friendly design, optimized content and the best practices in the leading e-commerce marketplaces make them the perfect partner for growing your online business. Get in touch with them today for more information on how you can successfully scale your business and ultimately make more sales online.

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