March 30, 2020

How To Create A Profit Boosting Amazon Bundle

In our article Amazon Professional Selling Plan: Is It Right For Me?, we discussed the many benefits of choosing an Amazon Professional Program over the Individual Program. One such benefit is that Professional Sellers have the ability to create new product listings and product bundles (Individual Sellers cannot).

But why is that so important?

What can bundles do to help grow your business and optimize your Amazon exposure and rankings?

What is an Amazon Bundle?

An Amazon bundle is a collection of related, complementary units listed and sold together in a single package. For example, a baseball could be bundled with a baseball glove or a blender blade with a blender cap. It is not a collection of identical baseballs or even a slight variation of baseball (different colors, sizes, etc). Bundles are complementary items, whereas multi-packs are collections of a single type of product.

Bundles have more financial value for the consumer when bought together as opposed to bought separately (there is usually a discount for the bundle). Bundles are treated as single listings and items, so they are sold as a pack, reviewed as a pack, and returned as a pack.

Ensure you are compliant with Amazon’s bundling rules, such as listing your bundle in only one category and not putting generic brands within a bundle. Look here for a complete list of Amazon bundling guidelines here.


Creating an Amazon bundle takes some time, effort, and knowledge of the competitive sphere—which is why you won’t find your competitors creating them very often. Because bundles aren’t as common, putting in that extra time immediately gives your business a competitive advantage and works to increase your sales.

Bundles drastically reduce your buy box competition. Bundles have their own unique UPCs, allowing them to show up as their own listings in searches, which gives you more visibility to consumers. It is also harder for competitors to track your bundle and create similar ones themselves.

Consumers can get more, complementary items at a discounted price. It can also help them reach the $25 price point for Super-Saver shipping if they are buying lower priced goods. Consumers love the convenience and value that comes with quality bundles, and they love to purchase from companies that offer them these kinds of deals.

Bundles can also help you move more inventory and boost your cost-per-transaction rate. You can bundle slow-moving merchandise with complementary bestsellers to unclog your shelves and boost your margins. If consumers were already looking to buy your bestseller, they are more likely to buy the complementary product in the bundle at a discount than if they were to buy it separately at full price. Increased product movement, increased sales, increased margins, and increased profits.

But how do you create an Amazon Product Bundle?

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