How to Connect your Product Catalog on Shopify to Facebook

For some time, social media has been leveraged to promote brand awareness; every day, people spend about 144 minutes on social media. This means they are being exposed to a significant amount of data, products, and resources at any given time.

We all know that there is a market on Facebook. In fact, Facebook already had created its own marketplace where you can sell your own products. It’s a good thing that Facebook checkout is no longer available. When customers purchase products from a Facebook Shop, they’ll use Shopify’s checkout.

With this method, you can link both Shopify and Facebook and sync your Product Catalog. But before you do that, you must have created a Facebook page for your store since Shopify will post an item on your Facebook page and not on your personal profile.

Benefits of Connecting Shopify and Facebook

So outside of meeting the people where they are, why should you connect Shopify and Facebook?

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a big one for obvious reasons. Word-of-mouth and organic sharing is a huge driver of conversions. People are more likely to trust you if you have people talking (positively) about your products in their social circles. By being present on social media, you are allowing people to share and tag you — as well as purchase immediately from you  — with little effort.

Save on Resources

Though not as big as the first, linking your Shopify and Facebook allows you to potentially save on resources. People may be more likely to find you on social media, so providing less friction for purchase may save you in the long run. Providing an outlet for people to purchase right on Facebook could save on retargeting and other ads, on top of the additional capital you may have used to create additional webpages or custom sites.

Connect your Product Catalog on Shopify to Facebook

1. What you need to do first is to access the Shopify Admin. Login to your Shopify account at

2. Once you’re in, click the Plus “+” button in line with the sales channel on the left.

3. On the Add Sales Channel window, click the Plus “+” button of Facebook. It will then create a new sales channel on the Left side.

3.  Once the Facebook sales channel is created, what you need to do is to connect your page to your Shopify. Click the Connect Account Button.

4. It will open a pop-up window, what you need to do is to Log into your account. If you are already logged in, then you will be asked to continue to your account.

5. Choose the page of your Online Store and click the Next button.

Then click the Done button again on the next page.

It will then give you a confirmation page that you have connected your Shopify store to Facebook.

6. Back on Shopify, select the Facebook page on the drop-down and select the Connect Page button.

7. Read and agree to the Facebook Terms & Conditions.

Facebook is going to review your store and it will take up to 24hrs. Your products won’t appear on Facebook until your shop is approved.

When it is approved, you will then see all of your products on the Shop section of your Facebook Page.

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