February 4, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About Enhanced Brand Content

Enhanced Brand Content is making a splash in the Amazon seller world. In early November 2016, Amazon officially announced their Enhanced Brand Content tool for Professional Sellers, who are looking to communicate a better sense of their brand through detailed, superior product listings.

What Is Enhanced Brand Contend?

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) allows third party brand sellers to describe their products in an “enhanced” way (hence the name). These enhancements include modified product description fields, unique placements of text, and superior images. The EBC is similar to an upgraded version of the A+ content, found under the section “From the Manufacturer.” This is where you can make your product and your brand shine.

Ultimately, EBC makes the listing look more like an attractive e-commerce storefront than a traditional Amazon catalog. In this way, there are more opportunities to sell your prospects by appropriately positioning your product through quality images, relevant descriptions, and an attractive appearance.

What Are the Benefits of Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon claims that adding effective EBC to product detail pages will result in increased traffic and higher conversion rates, ultimately leading to increased sales. They also said that A+ listings—the precursor to EBC—increases conversions from 3-10%, and EBC is expected to increase that number further.

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