January 10, 2020

12 Ways To Rev Up Profit Margins

Sellers often come to us with a simple question: How can I increase my margins? This is an important question for anyone looking to be successful in the world of e-commerce. Higher margins are the key to greater sustained success.

We support a wide range of e-commerce sellers through our passion and dedication to each client. We provide product sourcing and operations solutions that help our clients succeed in their online platforms. We focus on 12 ways to boost our sellers’ profit margins:

1. Understand your costs.

To increase your profit margin, you need to first understand the costs associated with your product. List each expense from product unit cost to delivery. Focus on direct expenses—like the cost of goods, freight-in, and labor—as well as indirect ones—such as custom fulfillment, content development, advertising, and marketplace fees. This and every hidden cost in between needs to be accounted for.

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