September 22, 2020

10 Reasons your Amazon Sales Have Slowed

Amazon Marketplace can sometimes be daunting, especially when your sales have slowed. However, it is simple to determine the reasons why your sales may have slowed, and to resolve these setbacks. This article will explain all the problems you may encounter selling products on Amazon Marketplace as an Amazon Business Seller.

1. You Have Poor Seller Metrics

If you have poor seller metrics, customers won’t trust you. Having a good seller rating score (over 75%) shows customers that you have low order defects and cancellation rates, and no issues with shipping or bad feedback. Use Amazon Seller Central or the Amazon Seller App regularly to check your seller metrics.

2. You’ve Been Getting Negative Feedback

Receiving negative feedback either on your products or on your account will slow your sales, as potential customers will not purchase from you if they see you have negative ratings or a low seller ranking.

If you receive negative feedback (or even neutral feedback), you should try and resolve it by talking to the customer. Sometimes customers provide feedback on the seller as product feedback, or vice versa; you can actually get Amazon to remove this feedback as it’s published in the wrong section. 

Also, remember that feedback is often influenced by something unrelated to the quality of your product: shipping. Any negative feedback regarding fulfillment can be resolved by Amazon if you fulfill via FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon).

3. You’re Using the Wrong Shipping Method

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In order to maintain positive feedback, you should aim for a late shipment rate of less than 4%. A good shipping method isn’t just for feedback, though; you’ll sell more if your products are eligible for Amazon Prime. Amazon prioritizes products that have Prime shipping available.

The simplest way to do this is by having your deliveries Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA). However, there are drawbacks of FBA, and in some circumstances, you will be better off offering Seller Fulfilled Prime if this is available to you.

4. Your Product’s Too Expensive

If your product is not competitively priced (and this is the price including discounts, shipping, taxes, etc.), you will lose out to your competition. Amazon prices fluctuate constantly; to find out how much you should charge, you can use tools like Sellery or other repricing strategies.


5. You Don’t Have Optimized Product Listings

A boring, poorly-written product description will drag your sales by making your account and products harder to find. There are several things you can do to optimize your product listings and get them seen by more customers:

  • Use Amazon A+ Content: Amazon A+ Content lets you customize your product listings with more information about your product and brand, videos, and high quality photos. 
  • Create an Amazon store: Developing your own Amazon storefront will make your brand stand out from the crowd (driving brand awareness and repeat sales) and will make your product listings more noticeable. 
  • Use Amazon Search Optimization: Incorporate Amazon-specific keywords when writing your product listings. Amazon ranks products according to keywords, so if you don’t have the right keywords, fewer customers will find your products.

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6. There is No Demand for Your Product

You need to sell products that people actually want or have a need for. For this reason, you should study a product’s Amazon Best Seller Rank, which can be found in its product details. Look at the Amazon Best Sellers page, as well as other category pages that show what is popular on Amazon such as “Most Wished For” or “Movers and Shakers”.

7. Your Products Have Seasonal Dips in Sales

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Depending on your product, you might experience a seasonal dip in sales. For example, if you sell raincoats, you might not sell as many in July. Even if you think your product has no seasonality, there are always spikes for Back to School, Black Friday, Christmas, and Prime Day, with lulls in between these events.

The best way to deal with seasonal dips is by tracking your yearly sales to plan for trends. Make sure you’re properly stocked for the major shopping days when they do come around.

8. Your Sale or Promotion Finished

If you run sales or promotions on Amazon (or offer coupons or discounts elsewhere for your Amazon store), it pays to check whether these have expired, because Amazon won’t let you know. If this is the case, you might have an explanation for why your Amazon sales have slowed.

9. You Have Issues with Ads or You’re Not Running Them All

Your drop in sales could be caused by a problem with your advertising.As an Amazon Business Seller, you likely use one or more of the four main types of Amazon ads (i.e. Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Stores and Sponsored Display), as these are an effective way to gain more customers. However, there are several problems that could occur with Amazon Advertising:

  • Your payment for your ads was declined, so your advertising campaign never started.
  • Your advertising campaign has already finished. A good way to keep this from happening is to keep a marketing campaign calendar
  • Or you’re not taking advantage of the advertising within Amazon at all

10. You’re Not Selling to International Markets

By only selling your products on Amazon US, you are severely limiting your market. Selling in international markets allows you to reach millions of customers worldwide, and you don’t even have to open a separate account for each international marketplace due to unified accounts between Europe and North America. 

There are many reasons why your Amazon Sales might have slowed, from problems with Amazon PPC Ads to your product not having a high Amazon Best Seller Rank. However, most problems with selling on Amazon are fixable, and you should quickly be able to increase your sales as an Amazon Business Seller. 

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